Rosé, it's not Red Wine it's not White Wine

Did you know the first wines ever created were Rosé? The process was to squish the juice out by hand or by foot, which allowed a little red from the skins to enter the juice and to achieve a deep red color. Without the maceration of the juice with the skins, the wines would not have been able to achieve a deep red color of the rosés we see today.
In the middle ages, a light pink "Claret" was treasured and considered the best wine available. Darker pink or red wines were considered to be of lesser quality. These darker wines were higher in tannins and much harsher to the taste. 
Rosé grapes:
Grenache grapes have a strawberry-raspberry flavor with soft hints of white pepper, on the back of your palette. The tannins are low and is very light in color. Grenache makes a great rosé wine.
Sangiovese grapes taste like strawberries with a hint of spice.
Syrah grapes have darker skin but will give a great blackberry taste with a hint of black pepper on the front of your palette. 
Mourvedre grapes are also used to makes rosés as well as port wines.
Pinot Noir is a taste of berries, strawberry, raspberry, and cherries and produces darker rosé wine.
These are all fairly dry wines. If you want a sweeter rosé the grapes are not soaked in the liquid as long. The wine will have fewer tannins and therefore will be slightly sweeter. 
Rosé wines pair well with fresh figs, goat or feta cheese, salads and crisp fruits such as Pears and apples. Rosé is a great summer afternoon wine. One of the best rosés is from Pugibet Family which has been producing award-winning wines with savoir-faire for four generations, Located in the South of France on the Mediterranean Sea, La Colombette Estate pairs genius with innovation in this exquisite Rose. 100% pure Grenache with a sultry pale pink color that exudes floral orange blossom aromas. Alc. 11.5% by vol.
Some of the best rosé wines come from France, Corvo Vineyards in Italy, and Marques de Caceres vineyards from Rioja Spain.  Cappuccino's Fine Wine and Espresso Bar carries all of these fine wines and more. Please drink responsibly.

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